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I can relate on that burger post. My favorite burger hands down was at MJ O'Connor's near my old Emerson stomping grounds...but revisiting a few years ago it didn't seem to live up to my old standards. I plan on re-visiting in May during the HoB weekend.

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I’ve been wanting to visit the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum for a while now – your giving it an A+, among other positive things I’ve heard about it seals it – next time I’m in Boston.

It's more of an all-day excursion than something you'd visit briefly (place is huge) and best done when trees are green and flowers in bloom but, Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge is one of my favorite places in general, never mind greater Boston. I'm sure as you spent time living in the area that you've been - hard to imagine it could be avoided, but if not, it has to be seen for the chapel, the giant Sphinx (worth some weird points for that alone), and for the sweeping view of the Boston skyline from the stone tower at the center, among so much more. Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamacia plain is another – same landscape designer as Mt. Auburn. Both beautiful.

About the postponed shows – did Guster Day fall by the wayside due to the rescheduling? We’re going both nights in May and wanted to catch you guys outdoors as well if that’s still on.

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